Fire & Iron
Station 39

Sarasota, FL

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The membership of Fire & Iron M.C., Station 39 is made up of firefighters, emergency workers and others who are associated with the fire service who love to ride motorcycles and are committed to the brotherhood that being in a M.C. and being a firefighter means.

Station 39 Store

This Station's store has not been set up yet

To get set up, do the following:

  • Click here to see if your station is listed on the national store
    • If NOT contact and request that your station be listed. Include in the email your station's paypal address and details on what you want listed in the store (pics of items you are selling, prices, sizes, etc) Include a phone number for the store admin to call you back
    • If your station IS listed click here to request that your page be linked to your station store! When complete the STORE link in the menu will take you DIRECTLY to your station store and this page will go away

Your station can sell items in the national store (where everyone shops) and the $$ is sent directly from the buyer to your station. The national store only hosts the items for sale, but is not involved in the money or the delivery of the items.

In the meantime you may access the entire Nation Store here

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